Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is Anger Healthy?

Well let's think about this.  Some one wrongs you, you get angry.  Someone pushes all you buttons, you get angry.  Is there a time a place for anger?  How long can you be angry?

It depends on the individual how long you could and should be angry.  But what I do know  is that there is righteous anger for unjustice and being wronged.  But in anger there is stress which can cause one to become sick. I have recently had some justifable anger because family members where being hurt and being wronged so I was angry.  I feel I have a right to be concerned for their well being especially when it involves my children and grandchildren.  The problem for me came when it began to make me sick.  Old illness began it arise again.  I had been healed of acid reflex and IBS but it has started coming back this week.  I knew then I needed to let go of this anger and give it to God.  I can't  do anything other than pray and by me being angry I am only hurting myself.

So I gave it all to God and I know he wants the best for my family and I have to trust him to help them.  I will do what I can in the natural to help but I just can't continue to carry this anger around because it just makes me sick.  I do feel so much better after giving it all to God. He's so helpful.  I love how God is the author and finisher of peace.  Amen!

Here are some steps the help you deal with anger and get well:

1. Anger Can Be Good
    Good anger is motivated by unselfishness and is directed against the abuse of what is right -- justice, compassion, love.

2. Timely Anger
     God gives us the "fight or flight" instinct to produce the adrenaline we need in crisis situations.
3. Focused Anger
    Focused anger finds ways to correct wrong for the good of ourselves and others..
4. Making Tea
    While you can´t control another´s actions, you do have a choice in your emotional reactions. Be better prepared by imagining generic situations involving anger and decide beforehand how you will react to them.
5. Anger Multiplies Itself
    An angry person doesn´t think objectively. Work toward staying calm when another is venting his anger until he has cooled off. Then, if possible, deal with the real problem.
6. Roots of Bitterness
    Whoever angers you controls you. When you don´t deal with anger in a timely manner, it turns into other negative emotions like resentment, bitterness, hate. Take action to stop the cycle before the roots are so deep they are almost impossible to destroy.

7. Anger Can Make You Sick
    While you don´t want to lose control and "fly off the handle," keeping anger inside can be done only so long before it affects even your health. It has to be dealt with, and hopefully, before it explodes. You may need to confront the person you are angry with.

8. Anger Causes Suffering
   Some people became violently angry and in the midst of it had a heart attack or stroke.  Seek counseling or whatever you have to do to take care of your anger before it ignites into a raging fire that can´t be stopped.

9. Anger May Kill You
    Anger can cause serious physical problems, in addition to the damage it does psychologically. When in a rage, a person´s blood pressure goes up; his neck veins swell. Anger affects respiration, the heart, nervous system and muscles. Anger can kill! Learn to to control anger. It´s not only an emotional and health issue, it´s also a spiritual issue.

10. Modulate Your Voice
Research has proven that when a person is shouted at, he usually shouts back. With a little forethought, patience and practice, you can calm an angry person with your tone of voice.



  1. WOW, so true and great thoughts. Thank you.

    I'm in a situation recently that made me angry. I also felt that I had/have a right to be angry because it adversely affects not only my family, but other families as well. I still struggle with it, but am daily committing it to prayer...I know that God alone can fix the problem and that my dwelling on it constantly will be detrimental to my own health and wellness. So thank you for this timely reminder. God bless!

  2. Thank you for your comments. Anger is such a strong emotion that it can truly take over us if we allow it to. Thankfully, we have someone to help us deal with this strong emotion. Praise God.


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