Monday, November 29, 2010

Featured Artisan Laura of Artizen Beads

Share the Love... Blogger's Unite Featured Artisan

This weeks Featured Artisan is Laura, Owner/designer of Artizen Beads. Wonderful creations that inspire you! You can find Artizen Beads on:


Thank you Anne Hopher for sharing the love and featuring this artisan.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Handmade Hanukkah Collection

Thanks to SperanzaJewelry for creating this lovely collection

Having a Blue Christmas on Artfire!

Special thanks goes to Crochetedlittlethings for creating this collection.

Joyful Collection at

Be sure and click the active link here and view all the great items.

Black Friday Zombies

So I made through another Black Friday Sale.  Wow!  We have learned through the years is to have  more than one person to help you get all the great deals.  Some stores moved up the sale time from 5am to 12am but still had sales at 5am.  Try staying up all day cooking, eating, and then shopping.  Overwhelming.  Luckily some of the family was shopping at 12am and  we had others stay at the store until 5am for the electronic sales.

I'm all for sales but this was ridiculous.  I think they should have had electronics at 3am so after the 12am sale you could get your items and go home and you would not have had people stay up all night just to get a sale.  Who ever invented the Black Friday sale was crazy.  And I'm even more crazy for going.  Ha ha.  Will I do it again of course.  Its become a family tradition to go to Black Friday Sales with my daughters and sometimes one of the men will go to and hold the shopping cart while we make it through the store grabbing our sale item and running back to our cart holder. 

Funny thing is I never participated in the Black Friday Sale until my daughters were adults.  All I remember doing was participating in Blue Light sales Christmas Eve and I only did that one year when my husband payday was on Christmas Eve.  Of course there were other blue light sales days too, but I think they were sales done on special occasions and sometimes they were done randomly and you just had to be in the store when they decided to have one and be lucky enough to get on the great sale.  What ever happened to blue light sales?  I haven't heard of them anymore.  Maybe they just have done away with them for the new sales promotions they do now.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Opera Company of Philadelphia Perform Randomly

Wow I just was sent this random performance at Macy's Department Store of the Philadelphia's Opera Company. This was performed Oct. 30th. There were over 600 choristers who were there mingling with regular shoppers and suddenly they burst into singing.  It's amazing and awesome!  A must see!

For more information check out the Creative Minority Report!

Thanksgiving Day Sale

I have decided to add Thanksgiving Day as a sale day for all my Facebook Friends and Fans.  Besure to check out the items in my shop.  Heart & Sow Designs over at That's a 20% off.  My facebook page:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Featured Artisan Doug of Moonsong Ranch

This weeks Featured Artisan is Doug, Owner/designer of Moonsong Ranch. Wonderful creations that inspire you! You can find Moonsong Ranch on:

Special thanks to Anne Hopher for this feature.

Craft Show Tips

Today I was reading about how to have a better craft show and what are the basics. I've only done a couple so far but feel I've missed some important things to do and include in my show. So I feel maybe there are some others who need so help too. Below are some basic tips for better craft show presentations.

photo by Syko
Participating in craft shows can be very exciting. Its a great way to meet new artists and expose your work to lots of people.

Here are the basics:
• Prop your items up with boxes, tables or stands, (boxes match table cover)..
• Include a DVD player or digital photo frame to show past work.
• Bring plenty of business cards.
• Have multiple price points.
• Price everything.
• Take credit cards!

What to Pack 

  • Pens, markers
  • Paper (scrap and nice paper for signs)
  • Invoice book
  • Scissors
  • Labels and price tags
  • Tape (EVERY KIND YOU CAN THINK OF: double sided, duct, scotch, packaging. If they make it, bring it.)
  • Mini-first aid kit (band aids, pain relievers, eye drops, antacids, etc)
  • Tools (screwdriver, hammer, pliers, wire, zip ties, aka The Crafters Need to Have Supply!)
  • Weights and tarps for your tent (Tip: bring milk jugs and fill them with water to use as weights)
  • Apron or waist pouch for change
  • Plenty of change to put in your apron or waist pouch
  • wet wipes and hand sanitizer
  • Water and snacks

More info at Etsy's blog

Monday, November 22, 2010

Front Page Collection

Check out the front page of Artfire.  The collection below, the Pink Camo one is on the front page.  So exciting.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pink Camo Collection at

Craft Tutorials

My pink child camo apron is in this collection.  Click the view button and see!  Thanks for stopping by!

Vote For Your Favorite Shop

Check out these lovely shops!  The orange felt flower my granddaughter made is in it too.  Please take time and vote!  Look here:  Great Finds  Special thanks goes to Anne Hopfer with

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sugar Lane Bath Co. Featured Artisan

This weeks Featured Artisan is Sugar Lane Bath Co. Indulge yourself in these wonderful bath products! You can find Sugar Lane at::

Special thanks to Anne at Madeformebyoaklie for featuring this wonderful artisan.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ENERGY Lap Blanket

Need a little ENERGY in your life?  My new lap blanket just offers that.  Special blanket wrapped up in prayer for encouragement in your life.  Look no further for a inspirational gift.  @
This is great for the worker, bedridden, wheelchair bound or just wanting to be warm at home.

Reacurring Dilemma!

So how do you help a person who is constantly on the offensive mode?  Not quite sure but looking to the Lord for the answer.  How about "a soft answer turns away wrath." 

What if this person is offended over a minor conversation?  I guess you still keep praying and lay low and allow this person to heal.

It seems no matter what I say to this person she is always offended.  I'm working on being a better person but I can't heal the other person's pain.  I wish I could heal her pain.  This is something she needs to do is to seek help and guidance for is problem.   So in the meantime I will lay low and just pray.

 (Usually I just call and appologize but when you aren't even doing anything wrong and it keeps happening over and over again maybe its time to allow some distance in the relationship so the other person can heal.)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wrap it Up Collecton @ Artifre!

Collection of green, orange and purples!  Look and see if you can find my item! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Candy canes time old favorite at Christmas

Sweet Yummy Collection, makes me want one now!

HGTV Gifts... My Shopping List is Done!

Great gift idea treasury at 

Simply Red Collection

Simply Red , simply divine!  Collect at