Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Zombies

So I made through another Black Friday Sale.  Wow!  We have learned through the years is to have  more than one person to help you get all the great deals.  Some stores moved up the sale time from 5am to 12am but still had sales at 5am.  Try staying up all day cooking, eating, and then shopping.  Overwhelming.  Luckily some of the family was shopping at 12am and  we had others stay at the store until 5am for the electronic sales.

I'm all for sales but this was ridiculous.  I think they should have had electronics at 3am so after the 12am sale you could get your items and go home and you would not have had people stay up all night just to get a sale.  Who ever invented the Black Friday sale was crazy.  And I'm even more crazy for going.  Ha ha.  Will I do it again of course.  Its become a family tradition to go to Black Friday Sales with my daughters and sometimes one of the men will go to and hold the shopping cart while we make it through the store grabbing our sale item and running back to our cart holder. 

Funny thing is I never participated in the Black Friday Sale until my daughters were adults.  All I remember doing was participating in Blue Light sales Christmas Eve and I only did that one year when my husband payday was on Christmas Eve.  Of course there were other blue light sales days too, but I think they were sales done on special occasions and sometimes they were done randomly and you just had to be in the store when they decided to have one and be lucky enough to get on the great sale.  What ever happened to blue light sales?  I haven't heard of them anymore.  Maybe they just have done away with them for the new sales promotions they do now.

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