Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reacurring Dilemma!

So how do you help a person who is constantly on the offensive mode?  Not quite sure but looking to the Lord for the answer.  How about "a soft answer turns away wrath." 

What if this person is offended over a minor conversation?  I guess you still keep praying and lay low and allow this person to heal.

It seems no matter what I say to this person she is always offended.  I'm working on being a better person but I can't heal the other person's pain.  I wish I could heal her pain.  This is something she needs to do is to seek help and guidance for is problem.   So in the meantime I will lay low and just pray.

 (Usually I just call and appologize but when you aren't even doing anything wrong and it keeps happening over and over again maybe its time to allow some distance in the relationship so the other person can heal.)

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  1. That is a hard situation. If you are clear in your conscience of any wrongdoing, then you really cannot do anything but pray. The issue lies deep within. If you've apologized, then you have to accept that you cannot change them. Some people hold onto issues and offenses. This is unfortunate, because in the end, they're only hurting themselves.


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