Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Silly Feet!

Here are my pretty feet my granddaughter painted for me yesterday.  There is a little freezer burn on my left foot from the doctor freezing the foot so I could have a cortisone shot because a have a pinched nerve there. Before this appointment I stepped on a needle on my second toe like a day or two before.

I'm a seamstress and sew all the time so today while working on my sewing took off my shoes to rest my foot and step down on the floor and a needle breaks off in my foot.  I went to the doctor to have it removed.  He dug and dug around an no luck retreaving it.  I have four stitches right now.  I will have surgery possibly Friday if not sooner to remove the needle.  It just sucks.  I had big plans for salsa dancing and waterpark this weekend and now nothing but rest.  Ugh!

My right foot today, after the doctor's apt.  The needle is near the joint/ball of the big toe.

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  1. OUCH!but the toes are cute!
    hope your foot feels better soon!


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