Friday, July 8, 2011

Grands and Summer Fun!

Here is LaRyn and Alex posing with me.

So this summer I have my grandkids sharing their days with me.    Well, I found something that my granddaughters like to watch together is Glee.  I heard about the show from visiting my son. He shared how his daughter and her friends watch Glee.  So I decided to see what the show was about.  Since I have  Netflix I was able to start at the beginning with the pilot show.  Now, my granddaughters and I are addicted to catching up on this series.   Too funny, I never thought I would like this show, but one of my two favorite passions is singing and dancing.  And Glee covers both.

This also reminds me of another show called FAME that I used to watch with my daughters about students and the arts.  They are very similar but Glee has a lot more song and dance.  I look forward to finding  things to do together with them with them.  They also love swimming and crafting but haven't gotten them to craft much this summer they are busy entertaining each other with their once song and dances.  I need to record them.  This will be great memories as my own children made lots of home movies of singing and dancing.  But we didn't produce any real artistic talent but at least its always been fun to watch.

I also got addicted to Drop Dead Diva.  Funny when you are home sewing and spending time with the grands what you end up watching especially when your cable channels are limited.  I know we could up grade but it would only cost more money to do so.  And Netflix is a great price for entertainment.  ha ha!

Another thing I love about my granddaughters is I never have to get a pedicure because  two of them love to give them.  I have the best painted toe nails in town.  It's awesome!

My granddaughter's Alex and Angel being silly with me at the 4th fireworks while waiting for the display.

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