Thursday, November 22, 2012

Peaceful Thanksgiving

Peaceful Thanksgiving Plan

1. Remember what its about.  Really reflect on what you are thankful for.  Its not about who brought what food or who is seating where but its really about getting together and being thankful.  Go around the table and let each person share what they are thankful for.
2. Grandparents, know your limited role.  Grandparents need to know their boundaries and not contradict the parents.

3.  Choose not to fight.  Make it a plan ahead of time to choose not to fight.  Let things go, its a time to enjoy each other not to pick fights or get angry over little things.  Most fights are usually over little things anyways and its just not important to ruin a holiday by being angry.

4. Don't miss the innocent moments.  Take time and enjoy the innocent moments with the little ones. A smile a first impression.  Look for the special priceless moments.

5. Delegate.  Mom or grandma doesn't have to do it all.  Let others help in the cooking and clean up.  Share the work load and the mom/grandma won't be overly tired and they can enjoy the company in the kitchen.

6. Keep your focus.  Don't dwell on the problems in life you experiencing but instead be thankful what you do have and enjoy each others company.

7. Curb you high expectations. Don't expect things to happen a certain way, allow for the unexpected and go with the flow.

8.  Challenge tradition.  Don't stress yourself out by over committing to travel, over committing time, money you don't have.  Give yourself permission to make changes.  Its nice to see your parents or grandparents but if you don't have the time or money its okay to just call them.

9.  Don't set the bird on fire.  Remember to take the bag of giblets out of the turkey before baking.

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