Friday, May 31, 2013

Here Comes the Bride

Spring and summer brings the spotlight of the season to brides. I love how pretty the brides look on their wedding day. Those beautiful flowing gowns and the accessories they wear.  Bridal showers are important too.  With this in mind I decided to create lovely bridal accessories from special occasion aprons to wedding day accessories.

This lovely white crisp bridal apron is great for the bridal shower,
 reception or everyday wear after the wedding.  
What ever time the bride decides to wear her white apron is appropriate. 
 Just slip it on over your outfit and you will become the blushing bride over and over again.

White lace and ribbon cuffs are the perfect accessory to the brides wedding day look. 
 They have ribbon ties in the back to fit all size wrists.

Victorian inspired choker necklace adds lace and elegance to the brides wedding ensemble

Matching choker necklace with two wrist cuffs.

Bridal hair facsinator for the bride who doesn't want the traditional long veil but a simple short elegant one.

Custom designs and colors available just contact me:

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