Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finger Flags

My new inspiration is finger flags.  This personal flag could have many names: finger flag, dance scarf, worship flag, prayer flag, etc.  The main point is that this flag was created as form of worship to our Lord.  When you wave a flag in the air its a form of expression, whether its victory, surrender or conquer, it is a form of expression.

In this world there is good and evil and heaven and hell.  There is God and Satan.  Everything God created Satan has a counterfeit.  God created us to worship him and him alone.  The problem came when Satan wanted to be God and wanted to be worshipped.  Because there is only one God, Satan could not have the divine role of ruler of all of creation and the heavens.  So Satan was expelled to the earth to rule it and lead others astray and to follow him instead of God.

Now because Satan is the ruler of the atmosphere we are at war with him to live justly and righteously free from sin.  But of course Satan doesn't like this so the battle is on as to who will gain the people's souls of this world.

This is why we are at war with him and must fight to stay free from him and free from sin and death.  As soliders of the cross we must raise our weapons of warfare and fight the enemy.  We raise our swords- the word of God, we raise our shields of faith and raise our flags of war against our enemy.

In the bible the words banners, flags, and standards are used interchangeably.
STANDARD: Hebrew word: Degal #1714 daw-gal' to flaunt, a flag, banner, standard.  Be conspicuous, chiefest.

BANNER: #5251 Nace: a flag, a signal, sign, standard. From #524 to gleam from afar. to be conspicuous as a signal to raise up a banner.

Heb./Greek dictionary:  A banner used at the top of a pole to mark a rallying point in battle or to serve as an emblem.

*Num. 2:2  The Isrealites each camped with a standard under a banner.
*As we raise our standards and banners we are...awesome as an army with banners.  SS.6:4
*Proclaim and lift up a standard proclaim and do not conceal it.  Jer.50:2
*We do not wrestle with flesh and blood but against principalities and rulers of darkness.  Eph. 6:12 *And Moses built an altar, and called the name of it Jehovahnissi:  Ex. 17:15
           Jehovahnissi- Jehovah/God is our banner, or God is our flag!

As you see I have many colors available because God loves colors and each color has different meanings and are mentioned as such when the temples were built and when God expressed how the priests were to be dressed too.

Here are some of the meanings of various colors.

RED: love, war, passion, blood, fire
WINE: mercy, blessing
PINK: hope, love, passion, glory
FUSHIA (hot pink): joy, love, compassion, boldness

YELLOW: joy, celebration, healing
ORANGE: praise, harvest, fire, passion

Light BLUE: peace, heaven, heavenlies
Medium BLUE: life, healing, water, faith, trust,loyality
Dark BLUE: truth, grace
TURQUOISE: healing, river, life

GREEN: prosperity, growth, life

PURPLE: royality, strength, power, victory

WHITE: purity, perfection, righteousness,hope, peace
IVORY: beauty, angel wings

SILVER/gray: redemption, wisdom
GOLD: glory, mercy

I hope this clarifies things for those of you who do not understand the use of flags in the church or in our prayer time at home.

Be at peace and go with God!


  1. They are lovely! I used to be in the dance/worship group at church and my fave item was the banners and flags; they are lovely!



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