Friday, April 2, 2010

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies, 45 Cal. 1pt.

Yesterday on the Dr. Oz show they had this yummy recipe.  Everyone who tried it just loved it.  So I've included it in my recipes.

Makes 20 cookies

1 serving: 45 calories


½ tsp vanilla extract
¹⁄³ cup unsweetened cocoa powder, sifted
1 cup canned white cannellini beans, rinsed and drained
2 tbsp light agave syrup
3 large egg whites
1½ cups granulated artificial sweetner
¼ cup dark chocolate-covered cacao nibs
¼ cup mini chocolate chips


Preheat the oven to 375˚F. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper and spray lightly with cooking spray. Set aside.

In the bowl of a food processor, combine vanilla, cocoa, cannellini beans, and the agave syrup, and blend the mixture until smooth, about 3 minutes, scraping down the side of the bowl halfway through blending.

In the bowl of a mixer fitted with a whip attachment, beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks. Gradually beat in the artificial sweetner. Continue to beat the whites until they are creamy and nearly stiff. Add 1/3 of the egg-white mixture to the cocoa bean mixture in the food processor. Blend to combine, for about 30 seconds. In 2 batches, fold the lightened cocoa mixture into the egg whites until they are almost fully combined. Add cacao nibs to the batter. Fold batter until cacao nibs are evenly dispersed and cocoa mixture is completely incorporated.

Drop mounded spoonfuls of batter onto the prepared sheets. Spread batter out to form cookies about 2½ inches in diameter. Sprinkle the chocolate chips on top of the cookies.

Bake for 20 minutes, rotating the pans one turn halfway through baking. Using a metal spatula, transfer cookies to wire racks to cool
1.4 g fat, 2 g protein, 9 g carbohydrates, 2 g fiber, 32 mg sodium

by Rocco, and his new book is called Now Eat This!


  1. WOW, that is amazing and such low calories too!

  2. Okay, so I was looking at the wooden piece you blogged about, and I saw all these yummy looking sweets, I have been on a WW kick since August before my wedding this July, and those recipes are great, I can't wait to try them out!! :) Thanks!!


  3. I don't ever watch the Dr. Oz show, but I'm surprised he advocates artificial sweetener. Other than that these cookies look great. I use Rapadura (evaporated cane juice) for cookies, I wonder if that would work instead.


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