Monday, June 21, 2010

Where Do You Find The Best Burger?

You'll find the best burger in Oklahoma in a little town in a old country store called Meers Store and resturant. In the Wichita Mountains of Southwest Oklahoma there is a ramshackle building, but on the inside you will find a hamburger that was recently named one of the top 3 burgers in America by Bon Appetit magazine.

The Meers Store and Restaurant, often referred to as the "world famous" Meers Store and Restaurant was featured on the Food Network special "America's Best... Best Places For American Eats From Steak to Pizza" on Saturday August 18, 2007. The store's owners and staff are giddy about the honor, but it is not the only one the restaurant has received this year. Meers was also named by Travelocity as one of their "Local Secrets, Big Finds for 2007.

The recognition does not stop there either. The Meers Store and Restaurant has the honor of being listed in the recent New York Times best seller "One Thousand Places to See in the U.S.A and Canada Before you Die." It was named a must-visit location and the Tulsa World has voted the Meersburger as the "Best Burger in Oklahoma."

• Meersburgers are made with 97% lean grass fed Longhorn beef from there own Longhorn herd.

The burger was quite tasty and enjoyed every bite.  They also have a wonderful take home menu for a great price for the family, which includes 16oz brisket, 2 pts of sides, 16oz. polish sausage, and cobbler for only $17 for family of 4.  We decided to try both.  All was very good!
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  1. Gee Gail, I wish I lived closer to Meers so we could try them, I guess sending it in the mail would not

    Thanks for the review (lucky girl)



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