Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eskimo Joe's 35th Anniversary!

 So on July 4th we took some out of town guests to Eskimo Joe's Resturant.  The world famous college resturant and bar.  This happened to be Eskimo Joe's 35th annviersary  month of being in business.  It also was our 35th anniversary.  So while at the resturant my husband met the owner Stan Clark and told him it was our anniversary.  Stan sent over to our table his world famious chili cheese fries. 

Later after lunch Stan had his grandchildren deliver to us 35th anniversary t-shirts.  It was an awesome surprise.  Eskimo Jose's is second in most popluar resturants next to Hard Rock Cafe which is number one.  Stan Clark own's 3 Joe's resturants in Stillwater, Eskimo Joe's, Mexico Joe's and Joseppi's resturant.  People from all over the world come to Joe's.  President Bush endorced the resturant too.  Joe's has famous Joe's shirts which can be seen everywhere around the world.  These t'shirts make great conversation pieces and brings people together just remembering the fun they had at college.  My daughter met someone in Germany and was able to connect to other American just by spotting the common Eskimo Joe's shirt.  Amazing connections.

I've never met a business owner so genious in their giving to other people just for celebrating their anniversary.  This was very impressive to me.


  1. happy anniversary!

    also. i've never heard of eskimo joes? but those fries look delish!

  2. Awe...what a great surprise! Congrats!

  3. Thank you all for the anniversary wishes!

  4. you might want to use your spellchecker before you post...


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