Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is Your Life a Masquerade?

Is your life a masquerade? What kind of mask do you hide behind? Do you let the real you show or do you have a wall up to protect yourself from others?

So many people hide behind  a mask to protect themselves from being hurt because of past pains. Or because they are too embarresed to let others know the real person inside.

We all have masks of some sort from time to time.  My mask has been holiness.  I wanted others to think I was holy and pure and didn't want people to think less of me.  I was afraid of letting people know the real me because I still fall short of holiness, after all we all do to some extent or another.

I don't think I was actually pretending but I thought I really was holy.  Last week God revealed the real me that  I still get frustrated, angry and have the biggest big mouth around.  I so wanted to tell or help people find truth or tell them how to do everything.  But quite honestly it just isn't my place.

My place is to be more of a listener and encourager and teach people how to seek God for the answers not give all the answers.  So now my journey in life is to first be real with myself and second be real with others and let them know I don't have all the answers  but to point them into the direction to find them.

So to help you find out about the masquerade in your life look here: (masquerade)

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