Saturday, September 3, 2011

Corn Feast Dream

So I had this amazing dream about going to a building with many rooms and they were going to have communion.  But this communion was not the traditional one of bread and wine but of feasting or eating from banquet tables filled with food.  The room I went in had all kinds of corn foods.  Yes you got that corn, corn bread, corn meal mush, corn chips, corn relish and the list goes on and on. 

Ever wonder what your dreams mean?  I do.  So I researched about corn.  Did you know that the meaning of corn can be increase?  Or that corn can mean a kernal of seed.  And communion means oneness with God.

I didn't even know that the bible mentions corn 107 times and this has too be pretty important.  Now the modern bibles have changed the word to be grain or wheat but in the King James its still corn.

John 1:24, Except a corn of wheat falls to the ground and diesit is a single seed. And if it dies it can produce much fruit.

Also I have heard to make sure you don't eat all your corn seed.  If you eat all your seed you won't have more to plant and produce more corn (life).

In thinking about corn I like the anology that I came up with that when a corn seed dies it can be heated in the fire and can produce a new thing "pop corn"  So when we go through the fire besure to remember that when we pass through this we will be rebirth into a new creation.

So in light of this I'm praying for increase and remembering to not eat all of my seed.

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