Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Fancy Meal!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day!  I will share a cute story.   While going to college, I was teaching my children too cook.  The girls used cookbooks and tried to out do each other when cooking.  They tried their hardest to make fancy foods.  So one day, it was  my son's turn.  He didn't know how to make fancy food or even want to look in a cookbook.  So he decided to make mashed potatoes, pork chops and green beans.   His way  of making it fancy was dying every thing green!  When he served the food the girls were grossed out, "Ew green food"  But I told them I'm sure its good.  We all ate it and it was very yummy!  This is my favorite memory of my son's fancy meal!  Happy St/ Patrick's Day!

(the above pic was not what he made but was to give you the idea of what green foods look like. haha)

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