Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dress a Girl Newspaper Article

Local sewing circles from the Payne County, OK area gather together weekly or mGlonthly to sew and make dresses for girls from impoverished areas around the world.  The local sewing groups are part of a larger group called Dress a Girl Around the World.  Dress a Girl brings hope to the girls with prayers and a new dress to help them feel a sense of worth.  

"The dresses send a message to predators that the girl is being looked after... someone is caring for them so they are less likely to be abducted by human trafficking and sold into the sex or self market," Gail Metcalf.

All dresses are hand carried to the girls and personally distributed with a prayer of hope.  They sent 196 dresses to Haiti with missionaries from the Glencoe Church of Christ.  The dresses included hair bows and cloth dolls for the pockets. The local sewing circles are Sew Sisters of Life Church.tv, Stitches of Love of the First United Methodist  Church and the Piecemakers of Glencoe.

Full article: Stillwater Newspress

I personally am so blessed to be apart of the wonderful group of women. ~ Gail

Picture 1- counting and sorting dresses for the missionaries to take
Picture 2 - Sew Sisters and Missionaries from Glencoe gather together to give dresses to missionaries.

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