Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Recap 2013

Reviewing 2013, I find it was an unusually slow year for business but believe it was due to lack the right
items for sale and the limited time to create items as I was helping my daughter a lot with her new baby.  With all this in mind I must remember and reflect on what is most important.  Is it my small business or spending special time with my new grandson.  I value the time this year I had with him and cherish every minute for soon in this new year they will be moved, daughter and family to another state.  I'm   thankful for the time I have had with him.

  Now, as I think about life and business changes and going through up and downs I need to reflect on what to improve upon or keep the same.  I found that I needed another medium to sell besides aprons.  I added collars and cuffs that were Victorian style for weddings or special occasions.

Later in this year,  I began two Life Groups, one group for making dresses for girls around the world and the other for making blankets for cancer patients.  With these in mind and with  my daughter's help gave me the idea of making children's clothing.  This idea was such a hit I made many holiday pillowcase dresses.  So even though it was slow at times it did pick up and turned out to be a good year.

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