Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Human Trafficking in America?

Slavery isn’t over; the reality is, nearly 150 years after the abolition of slavery in the United States, human trafficking remains a booming industry around the world. Because this is happening in America and no longer just in other countries its time we Americans wake up and look into ways we can help make people more aware and help those caught up in this terrible crime against humanity.

At the End of Slavery is filmed on location in India, Cambodia, and the Philippines with undercover footage from the front-lines of rescue efforts and first-person testimony of those freed from illegal slavery. The filmmakers hope to expose the atrocious issues of modern-slavery by making the compelling argument that with their success in finding and rescuing victims, and prosecuting those responsible, there can be a viable end to slave trade.

While this film focuses specifically on the slave industry in Asia, human trafficking is happening all around the world – even in the U.S. Also, sex tourism is on the rise; in a recent case, three U.S. citizens were arrested after traveling to Asia to have sex with child prostitutes.

Here is the trailer to "At the End of Slavery"

Much of this information was taken from the Causecast website.

Here are were you can go to help.

This video will be shown locally on December 3rd at LifeChurch.tv at 7pm and will be presented by OSU International Justice Mission

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  1. Wow, it's about time this issue had some media focus.


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