Thursday, December 9, 2010

Amazing Thing Happend Four Weeks Ago

About four weeks ago I set my overly obese cat outside for exercise.  As a house cat he just sits around and does nothing .  So put him out for a couple of hours and  then he was gone.  We called, we looked, searched neighborhoods but my silly cat was gone.

Four weeks pass and on Saturday night this cat shows up in my backyard all skin and bones.  It's amazing!  We live in the country where dogs deer, coyates, all run wild.  But he's home safely. 

He still needs to learn to go out and get exercise so he's not fat.  I put him out two days ago and he was gone in 15 minutes but this time returned home by nightfall.  Now when he hears the door open and he runs and hides.  haha.  He will like the outdoors more in the spring when its warmer.

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  1. Awe, I'm glad that he made it back...and less chunky too! =)


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