Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jingle Bell Cash!

So today was the Jingle Bell Sweepstakes for $10,000 cash prize.  We went to the High School Stadium to hear the numbers and see if we won.  Now this is what our little town of Stillwater has done to help encourage people to shop locally.  I personally have never participated before but since I had a 100 tickets I decided to attend.   Know one I knew won but I do know that there were winners.  We stood out in 33 degree cold just at a chance to win.  Next year if we do this I will wait in the car and then go to the stadium to claim my prize if I win no since freezing needlessly.

What wasn't fair is the shops that participate don't always tell you  that they are participating and most don't even hand out the tickets if you shop in their shops.  We found that many people went to shops and resturants and didn't get tickets for shopping in these business.  Next year we know now to ask for them.

I also just learned to look on the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce to see the businesses that participated in the sweepstake drawing.  I know it was listed in the local paper but we don't get  the paper.

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