Friday, January 21, 2011

New Creations!

So what do you do if certain items don't sale?  You either chuck them out or you find a way to reuse them or recreate them.  I've decided to not chuck out my prayer flags/spirit flags and recreate them.

I came up with the idea of prayer cloths.  But I didn't want plain ones because that is what I already had.  Instead I am going to add scriptures or prayers embroidered on my little flags.  I want these to be blessings and encouragement to others.  They maybe for the buyer or given away.  The idea if this is to encourage those who are sick or just need up lifting.  After all who doesn't need a little encouragement now and then?

My first attempt is above and the script is not as clear as I would like and the table my machine was on shakes too much to a straight line.  So I moved around my tables and machines and found a desk and put on my embroidery machine.  Below is the second one and the new table/desk and different font and words.  Below is the serenity prayer.   I hope this new idea is catchy and will inspire people to buy and share with others.  After all I want to be a blessing into others lives and this is my way of doing this. 

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