Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best or Easiest Cities to Find Jobs

Looking for a job?  Want to relocate or just know where the jobs are?  This data  was collected from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  San Jose is the number 1 city as it it s the heart of the "Silicon Valley."
The area around the city that has dubbed itself "the capital of Silicon Valley" is home to the headquarters of major corporations such as Adobe Systems , Cisco Systems  and eBay ,

Here a list of the top cities to find a job in this job market crunch starting with the number one spot. 

                                                                         1. San Jose
                                                                         2. Washington DC
                                                                         3. Baltimore
                                                                         4. San Francisco
                                                                         5. Seattle
                                                                         6. Boston
                                                                         7. Hartford
                                                                         8. Cleveland
                                                                         9. Charlotte
                                                                       10. Austin

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