Friday, February 10, 2012

Citrus Delight Recipe

Since starting this quest to get more fruits and vegetables into my diet the healthy way.  I have decided to juice.  I will be sharing my findings with my readers and the recipes I try.

This is the first recipe I tried.

Citrus Delight

1 orange
1/4 grapefruit
1/4 lemon

Chop all ingredients and put into blender, be sure to remove the rind.  Blend on high.  I found the best blender to use is Ninja blender and food processor.  Of course a real juice will work great but are really expensive and why waste the pulp, its all good for you.

This was really tasty but not enough.  I personally don't really juice but puree and then add water so its more drinkable.  This first recipe just drank it as it was juice, pulp and all.  I didn't add water but will next time.


Happy Juicing!

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