Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Review

My daughter is in college and taking a biology course which requires her to write a report, so for this report I believe she is writing about nutrition. One of the documentaries she watched for the report was called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. She told me its was informative and I need to watch it.  So me who is into health and nutrition decided to watch it.

This was a very inspiring movie about foods we eat and how the foods affect out health. Joe Cross is to sick that he's practically dead and decides to find a way to get better. His solution is juicing using fresh fruits and vegetables. He eats nothing for 10 days but drinks these green juice drinks for 10 days and looses weight and gets better and healthier than ever before.

This is so inspiring that all my children choose to juice for better health. Now my son already juices and eats healthier. My daughters and I don't juice but now have decided to start juicing too.

I like how in my immediate family we are all try to exercise more and eat healthier that is all accept for my husband and son-in-law, who never ate much at all any fruits or vegetables growing up.  I think the key here is to get our children to eat healthier when they are young so they will continue this pattern in adulthood.  It is very hard to get grown men or even women to change their eating habits as adults.

I don't know why many men are stuck on their junk food diets that they refuse to eat healthy.  I even know male medical doctors who have this issue too.  The wives will take the plunge and try to eat better but many men will not.

I hope you will watch this documentary and learn some valuable information and make better choices in life! This is available to watch on Netflix and maybe even at your local video store.


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