Monday, July 30, 2012

Featured Artisan is Nan Gain of Wyvern Designs

This weeks It's Better Handmade featured Artisan is Nan Gain of Wyvern Designs. Nan started crafting at a young age. She has always loved to draw and paint but it wasn't until high school art class that she really decided that making things with her own hands was the path for her.
Nan has been selling on Etsy for several years and on She loves trying new materials and new techniques and is totally addicted to polymer clay. Lives in New England and loves the changing seasons there.

Yellow Infant Shoes with Flower

Tooth Fairy Greeting Card

Blue Daisy Polymer Clay Switch Light Switch Cover

Hot Pink Flip FLop Earrings

Find Wyvern Designs here:

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  1. Hi Gail, love your picks fron Nan's shop. I too love the light switch covers - great and easy to co-ordinate with the decor.


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