Sunday, July 15, 2012

Reinventing Myself

Sometimes I think when someone is over 40 they decide they want to do something different with their life, style, or even rethink who they are and how they want to express themselves. I think this idea has been developing in me for a time now and I have finally decided to act upon it.  

Lately,  I have been thinking about my style and what I wear. I think it started with me designing headbands to match my aprons, which are vintage styled.  I made retro scarf headbands and with these I decided I wanted to wear them myself too because they look so cute.  But I only made myself  two and the faze didn't last long. 

About a couple of  weeks ago I came across a blog called "Reinvent Yourself."  And I thought this is it, I want to reinvent myself.  What a novel idea, try something new, have fun with life and try a new style.  I love the vintage clothing and the fun of  dressing up, so this could be an all new style, a new me.

Since I love vintage and make vintage styled aprons and headbands, I have decided on the rockabilly style of  40's to 50's fashion era.  I just love the look and how fun and flirty the style can be.  Here I have posted some of my fashion attempts of rockabilly.  I do have capris and tight jeans too,  but right now its so hot I don't wear them much and stick to more dresses than anything. 

Most women who wear the rockabilly look wear those pretty spiked heels but at my age I have feet problems so I can't wear those and wear either flats or small heels that are a vintage styled.  I think I'm still making the look work with the shoes I have.  Tell me what you think.  

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