Monday, July 23, 2012

Featured Artisan Judy Cogo of Judy Cogo Designs

This week's featured artisan from the IBH Blog Ring is Judy Cogo of Judy Cogo Designs.
Judy is a self-taught jewellery artisan living in a small community north of Toronto, Canada. She started jewelry making in 2004 for herself and then to selling to friends and family, then attending craft shows, selling in a local store and now to selling on On-line venues.

Rhodocrosite Gemstone Pink Heart Earrings Sterling Silver 

Judy creates designs for any occasion incorporating her love of gemstones, wire wrapping and crochet. Her creations are made using either semi-precious gemstones, bead crochet, wire wrapping and other materials to obtain unique stunning pieces.

Bead Rope Crochet Clear Bead Necklace Swarovski Crystal Pendant

Wire Wrapped Green Dolomite Cabochon Ring

Free form Slice Amethyst Pendant Necklace

Find Judy Cogo Designs here:

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  1. Hi Gail, thanks for your support. Love the items you selected which showcase the different styles and artforms I enjoy creating.


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