Saturday, September 1, 2012

My First Fair Competition

This year was my first year to enter into the Payne County Fair.  Year after year I see the flier and brochure about the fair but have never entered an item.  I always thought one of these years or even thought oh well I will never win.  But this year I was encouraged by friends to enter the fair and just see if you might win.  And to my surprise I did win a few ribbons.

My rainbow polka dot and heart apron won 1st place ribbon.

My scripture handkerchief won 2nd place.

My Victorian cuffs won 3rd place

My shirt apron won 4th place.

My snow leopard tote won 5th place 

I am so blessed and impressed I won these ribbons for my handy work.  Its great to get sales but its just quite rewarding to place and win ribbons for your work too.

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