Monday, July 27, 2009

My Vintage Fabric Finds

Today I went to my local upscaled recylced shops and thrift stores.

I have been admiring my friend Sherry Marrero's finds and just thought I needed to check them out too.
I had bought and used thrift fabric finds before I ran across Sherry's blogs, but after seeing her wonderful finds it inspired me to go back and check them out for myself.

(Rose applique curtians)

I get so excited buying fabric and thinking about what I might make with it. It so thrilling and enticing. I would much rather buy fabric than anything else.

(Rose basket table cloth)

I didn't find any cool sheets but found fabrics, and table cloths that could make lovely aprons.

(Victorian golf shower curtain)

The thrill of creating things is something someone just has to experience and to really understand how a crafter can get so excited just purchasing mediums in the raw.

(Polo shower curtain)

Now to decide what to make with my wonderful finds.

Be sure and check out my friend Sherry's blog:
I have her link under my favorite links on the right.

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