Saturday, July 18, 2009

What Do You Do When You Don't Have A Sitter?

You make do and improvise. You either stay home or you take the kids with you. So we took the kids with us golfing. We all had a really good time. It wasn't too overly hot and we all played. Of course the grandkids, LaRyn and Christian who are only 9 and 6 didn't play eighteen holes. Instead we let them tee off and putt and that seem to make them happy. Christian made a hole in one on one of his putts and LaRyn learned to drive a golf cart.

The Twinkies LaRyn and Nana wore peach and Khaki while the others found some other non-conforming outfits. LOL

LaRyn loved learning to drive the cart. She also caddied for her mom and Nana.

LaRyn and Christian were quite naturals golfing, you would have think that had private lessons. It's amazing how well they played compared to Mom and Nana.

Everyone putting but my daughter, she sat this hole out and was able to get some pics.


  1. It looks like you ahd a wonderful time!

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  3. Nicole, I would add a link if you could share with me how to do it. Is there a badge or something for me to use?


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