Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pineapple Angel Food Cake-Weight Watchers

1 20 oz. can pineapple in it's own juice

1 1-step angel food cake mix

Mix together just these two items with a mixer for time on box. Pour into a 9x12" UNGREASED pan and bake at 350ยบ for 30-35 min. or until golden brown. Be sure to let it get a nice dark brown or it will fall out of the pan. Turn upside down with a can under each corner until cool. 1/12 of cake = 3pts. with cool whip = 4pts.

Peach Angel-food Cake

Also can substitute 1 cup of peach puree (puree a can of peaches in light syrup, the Del Monte raspberry peaches are wonderful!) for the can of crushed pineapple. Since you only use 1 cup of the puree, I use the remaining as a sauce to pour over top. The points are still the same!

Servings: 12

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  1. I totally make that all the time....its sooo delicious!!!


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