Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top 5 Treasures

Today's Top 5 treasures found are listed below. If you would like to have your shop featured here on my blog you will need to pick your favorite and list it in the comments along with your shop address. You may also include your blog address if you have one. The next 5 items and shops will be picked randomly from the "Raffle King." Next posting of Top 5 will be next Tuesday! All comments are welcomed but please note that unless your shop is opened you can not be considered as a contestant. Also all shops must have viable items for sale.

Be sure to invite your friends to be featured here and to check out the other shops great items.

Winner #1: Evening Gown Reflection Photograph by My Savior
Shop: MYSAVIOR.etsy.com

Winner #2: Wire-Wrapped Heart Pendant by Clarikay Cuties
shop: Clarikay.etsy.com

Winner #3: Photo Card - The Praise of Liberty by Creations Anew
Shop: CreationsAnew.etsy.com
Shop: CreatinsAnew.1000markets.com
Blog: CreationsAnew

Winner #4: Matryoshka Doll Earring by a.little.bead
Shop: alittlebead.etsy.com

Winner: 5: Alphabet Pillows by Mimi Rob
Shop: mimirob.etsy.com


  1. Thanks so much for including my photo...and that #1 pic is a great photo....Beautiful!!!

  2. Thank you so much for including my photo.

    Really lovely picks!

  3. Love your treasure picks and am thrilled to be included! Thank you, Gail! ♥

  4. Thanks so much! Wow, I love those little Matryoshka doll earrings. My parents collected things from when they were carted around by the grandparents (both grandfathers were military), and we have several dolls in our living room. I love taking them apart and seeing how small they get!

  5. I like the wire wrapped heart pendant. So unique.

    I like how you have this feature on your blog.


  6. MYSAVIOR's photograph is absolutely stunning! All the other items are great, too, but that one really stands out!


  7. All the photos are nice. The one that really strikes me is #1 the evening gown!

  8. All the items are treasures! However, I love #2 - the wire wrapped heart! Great work!

  9. They are all lovely, from the evening gown photo to the fluffy alphabet pillows, but my favorite is the Matryoshka doll earrings. So sweet!

  10. Oops, my faves are the Matryoshka doll earrings, and you asked for my shop address, too! :)



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