Friday, February 5, 2010

Three New Mannequins

I've been needing mannequins for my products for quite some time. I love live models but I have trouble getting some who are available to work and its just not always practical for me at this time. I've used my vintage female full dress maker mannequins but I needed at least a male and a child one. I started my online search and I would have to say they are very pricey. But I found some great deals on I found three mannequins for a very good price and just could not pass them up. I hope this helps my business or at least make my products look really great.

My Sweetheart apron looks great on my new female mannequin

My candy heart apron looks good on my child mannequin

My male model was very hard to get time to work with as he has a whole other career other than modeling. LOL So now I can just slip on my finished apron on my new male mannequin.

Contact me if you need the information for which seller I used. Very quick service and delivery.


  1. were a cute model too! =) I like the mannequins though too. =)

  2. Actually, I did not model most of my items but my daughter did and it was hard to have her do it as she lives in another town. This will allow me to have the freedom to post items often and it sure looks better than just on a coat hanger. And I don't have to hear her complain that she doesn't look good when she really does.

  3. Oh I'm sooooo jealous! I've been wanting a mannequin, but when I did a search I found the same thing you did, they are very expensive! I would love to know what ebay seller you got them from. I will convo you to get that info. Enjoy your new "models"!


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