Sunday, May 17, 2009


I learned to sew from my mother in my teens. Later, I sewed jams (shorts), and dresses for my daughters when they were little. I love crafting so I made all kinds of items from flower wreaths and swags, fans, Christmas stockings and many other items for gifts for family and friends and sewed very limited at this time.

I began sewing instead of crafting as a need for myself because I was looking in local stores for aprons with themes for seasonal wear and could not find any locally. I finally realized I really love sewing and it gives me such satisfaction seeing the finished product that I wanted to share my lovely aprons with others. I began my business to help others find the aprons they are looking for too.

As a seamstress I specialize in handmade aprons, hooded baby towels, swaddle bath aprons, and accessories. I opened my etsy shop in the fall of 2007. This blog is dedicated to showing my work and connecting with my readers.


  1. Great start to your new blog! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your work, items you find interesting and things that inspire you! Best of Luck!

  2. Tag...your it! Check out my blog to see how to's alot of fun!!!

  3. looking forward to more posts :D

    ,# Jessica

  4. just stopped by fellow cac -- your aprons are to cute i love the halter top!!

  5. You make such nice aprons! Have fun blogging and sewing...from a fellow sewing CAC member. =)


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