Thursday, May 21, 2009

School's out for summer.......

Well, school is out for summer in Stillwater, America. It's an exciting time for teachers and students. As a substitute teacher, I look forward to summers too. I love my students at the middle school but I do enjoy my summers too. The middle school is one school that really makes substitutes feel like they are part of the staff and I have made many friends there.

Everyone are making their vacation plans for this summer. What are your plans? I will be taking care of two of my grandkids and continuing to make more aprons and baby towels and at least one camping trip this summer.

Today started with a graduation program for my grandson's 5th grade graduation. He is my eldest grandchild and it was a memorable moment for everyone. But it was very long and not very enteraining compared to my 6th grade graduation. The one today consisted of award hand outs and then graduation certificate handouts, one song by the graduating class and then a video slide of the students. The video and the songs were the best part.

If you haven't guessed by now I love songs, and videos. I am always thinking or relating things to songs I have heard and have stored away in my memory its just the songs I hear are dated because if the era I grew up in.

Let me share with you how my graduation was more entertaining. My graduation was a mini skit with students going off into space and landing in different countries and viewing their cultural influences in music and dance. There were songs and dances from all around the world for the parents to watch as the students performed. The parents just loved and and so did the students.

Speaking of graduations none of my 3 children ever had a graduation until high school because the superintendent at the time believed that it wasn't an important event to honor until high school. Needless to say my kids miss out on this important milestone in each child's life.

For some of you school is still in session until the middle of June. I personally prefer school ending in June so that school doesn't start back in the fall until after labor day. I just think its too hot to be attending school in August and make the elementary children go out to play in the triple digit heat. I understand small children get fidgety but when its that hot the children just hide under the playground equipment to get out of the sun and find a little cooler area to escape.

Since some of you are still in school and may want to give your teacher or teachers a present honoring the great job they have done with your child, I have a perfect gift for them. Aprons here are just a few of the items I sell on my website.

Here is the song from Alice Cooper about School's Out. I'm personally not a fan of Alice but this one song is such a classic its worth mentioning. Also the middle school played it today with their morning announcements.

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