Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day!

Father's Day is a great way to honor our fathers. Mine has since passed on and since we didn't have a good relationship I don't think about him much. But my husband has been a wonderful father, a man of character and a great example to our children.

This Father's Day was a busy day with 2 of my children coming to visit and 7 of my grand kids made it quite an eventful day. It seems children can all get along as no one touches an another and and keeps to themselves. Did that happen of course not, kids wouldn't be kids if they didn't cause a commotion.

My oldest daughter came and made her father's favorite German Chocolate cake with coconut frosting. She in listed her sister's son to help her make the cake. She had Christian put the eggs in the batter and he put the eggs shell in all in the cake. Of course she took the shells out before baking.

The children played on the "mini trampoline", I bought just for the grandkids this weekend, the swimming pool, swinging, and digging in the dirt. Mally's favorite part of play was the trampoline.

Some of us choose to go to the Irish festival since we are 1/2 Irish and wanted to see what was going on. There was vendors everywhere, and Gaelic dancing, Spanish dancers and Irish bagpipes. My husband's favorite part was the bagpipes which he has informed me that he wants at his funeral.

My husband went along for the ride, he's such a good sport. I'm sure his favorite thing to do was to go golfing on Friday and watch it on TV. Boy, has he become a golf fanatic, but love him anyways.

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