Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Fun with my new creation just for me!

An up coming birthday party inspired me to make myself an apron. I am one of the world's messiest cooks around. I wanted to look good for the party so I needed a cute apron. I decided to make a halter apron because its really hot here 103. Aprons need not be drab but can be cute for the hostess. I tried to think of matching my clothes to an apron but I didn't have any fabric to go with the outfit I wanted to wear. Hum, imagine that.

I decided to find cute appealing fabric and just make something I liked and then find some outfit to go with it. Boy, that was much easier.

My apron I decided on was made from scraps of fabric I had left over, even from an old shower curtain I once used. So I have vintage fabric and new fabric. My reversible apron will give me two different looks for what ever mood I'm in.

Here are some halter aprons in my shop.

Red and blue floral reversible halter apron.

Gardener's Delight Halter Apron

I also take custom orders for those special occasions or special requests.

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