Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello Kitty

The other day my son-in-law picked me up a kitty from the shelter. Actually, Oscar, my cat isn't a kitty but a full grown 7 yrs. Oscar is a black domestic medium hair cat. In fact he's kind of large for a cat and reminds me of a small dog. Oscar is quite tall and long compared to an average cat. He's bigger than my last cat and he was large.

Max, my previous cat, was a fat cat because of an digestive problems. Max never could tell when he was full and would eat himself sick. I lost Max to being malled by another animal, as I live out in the country. It was a very sad experience. This was very hard on the grandkids as they were very attached to him, in fact Max used to belong to two of my gradkids. Max was a gray tabby short hair. I had inherited Max from my daughter because she went to Germany and couldn't take him with her. The cat before Max was Sweet Pea, another gray short hair tabby but a female and she lived a long 15 yrs.

Oscar is wonderful cat, very laid back and friendly, and low maintenance. At first Oscar was very timid and hid all the time. Now he is getting used to his new family. Oscar thinks he's a kitten, when he cuddles with you he buries his head in you shirt or arm and licks and then kneads you with his paws like a kitten. I've decided to make Oscar a indoor cat to keep him safe.

Take time and save a cat from a shelter, they make great pets! Just make sure they are fixed before you bring one home. My son-in-law made the mistake of bringing home an non-neutered male cat and he sprayed every thing until he was fixed. Now that he is fixed he has settled down and is a good orange tabby named Tim.

Below is another oldie but goodie song that I love. And who doesn't like Tom Jones? What is more fitting than this song?


  1. What a lovely cat!! We live on a farm and more dog people. But grew up on a farm with lots of cats. Kittens are the funniest!!

  2. Awww, Oscar looks so contented. I love cats...they just make me sneeze!!! =)


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