Monday, August 31, 2009

Picking fabrics

How does one pick fabrics for making aprons or anything else? It all lies in the eye of the beholder. One persons tastes may not be anothers. That is why there are so many different styles and fashions and choices to be made.

Now somethings I can see visually and other times I need to see things all laid out together. Take yesterday, my husband was talking about putting rod iron fencing with wood posts. Now I could not see how it went together so he took me to Lowe's and showed me pictures and low and behold it can be done. But it was not with white painted posts and black rod iron but with natural wood posts and black rod iron. That is why I could not see putting it on my front porch, since I have white wood posts.

Now fabrics is another thing. I can look at some fabric, raw, in other forms such as curtains, table clothes and clothing and see how it would look cute in an apron. I guess its just what you have an eye for.

Look at this:

This was once a curtain valance and when I saw it I just knew it would look great as an apron.

This apron was an table cloth in its former life.

Picking fabrics is all in a matter of taste and also thinking beyond yourself and your tastes to think of what others might like as well.

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  1. Amazing...that's how I feel about fabric for can just visualize it! =)


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