Monday, August 3, 2009

34th Annversary Getaway!

For our 34th anniver- sary, we choose to stay close to home and go to the remodeled Bricktown. Bricktown canal and scenery was modeled after San Antonio's Riverwalk and began the remodel in 1993. Now Bricktown is no way as grand as the Riverwalk but it comes very close. It has gained the tourist that the city hope to gain with the remodel. We've been down to Bricktown before but not alone with out all the family.

Friday night we went out to Olive Garden and had a nice evening there. Saturday we went antiquing at local thrift shops and found some great finds. Now this was not my husband's idea but mine, but after 34 yrs he just does things at times to make me happy. He's such a good sport. Then in the evening we went down to the canal and rode the water taxi at Bricktown.

There are lovely sites to see along the canal including larger than life iron statues of pioneers and 2 mini water falls.

After dinner we went across the street to the 14th annual Reggae Festival. It was so much fun. People of all cultures were there. The funny thing was that the older adults were in the middle of the crowd with chairs. The men sat and watched while most of the women danced. The younger crowd were up at the stage being regular groupies. We were there for only 2 band groups but the ones we heard were singing songs about "Jah", God, and about treating your wife or lady as a queen. It was really awesome, I never thought they would be singing about God at a Reggae Festival.

For the romantic interlude we rode the adult water taxi cruise. Meet a newly wed couple and some service men with dates. It was a fun night. We rode the water taxi 3 times that day.

Sunday we went to Church and ran into my niece who lives in another town but was visiting her friends at the same church. Sometimes its just a small world after all!

Then we were off to check out Bass Pro Shop, that place is totally amazing. It's like the great outdoors only inside.

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time! =)


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