Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sharing love through prayers!

I've had a vision for over two years to share love through prayers and tangible objects. I wanted to be able to give away something that would encourage those who are sick and in need of healing. While praying and sorting things out I came up with prayer shawls and lap blankets. Now I don't know how to knit or crochet but I can sew. So with some divine inspiration I came up with fleece blankets and or prayer shawls with embroidered inspirational words.

My first challenge was to buy an embroidery machine. Two years ago I went to a local sewing store and the sales person told me I could not buy a machine for under $7,000. Now that was way out of my budget. So I kept praying and kept searching for a machine under a $1,000. And I found many machines under $1,000 brand new on the Internet. I really think the Internet can be a God send if you don't allow it to control you. LOL

I got my embroidery machine in November of 2008, and just recently learned how to use it. I believe if God gives as a vision for something he will provide a way to attain it. God is so good.

So now my adventure begins. I sell prayer shawls or lap blankets to bring healing and inspiration to those who wear them. I use only one word for positive affirmations so they can be given to non believers and not be offended.

I have chosen to use colors also as inspiration in choosing what positive words to be sown on the blankets. Listed below are the colors and their meanings. You can pick your favorite color and have one of the words listed added to your blanket or you can pick a word and find out what color goes with the word. I take custom orders. I sell these blankets so I can make more to be given to those who are sick, morning or just need a touch. 20% of all blankets sold will go towards making more blankets to be given away. All prayer shawls or lap blankets have been prayed over by my prayer team, Christian Women's Outreach Inc., CWOI.

Red: blood, love, passion, war
Wine: blessings, mercy
Pink: hope, love, passion
Fuchsia (Hot Pink): love, joy, compassion
Orange: fire, harvest, praise
Gold: glory
Yellow: friendship, happiness, joy, celebration
Green: growth, life, prosperity
Aqua/turquoise: healing
Light blue: heaven, heavenly, peace
Medium blue: faith, happiness,healing, life, loyalty, water
Dark blue: loyalty, truth
Navy: warfare, worship
Purple: justice, power, royalty, strength, victory
Lavender: grace
White: faith, hope, purity, perfection
Ivory: beauty
Silver/gray: wisdom

God brought special miracles when prayer covered handkerchiefs, aprons, towels, and wash cloths were placed on the sick then diseases and evil departed.
Acts. 19:12

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