Thursday, October 15, 2009

I can now embroider!

I so excited I'm learning more and more how to use my embroidery machine and can offer customers the option to have their name or team on items. My problem was on the scarves I wanted to use my little embroidery hoop but it would not attach to my machine. For two days I tried to get a hold of the store I bought my machine or the manufacture and not luck. The Singer Company was always busy and never answered the phone. The store actually answered the phone twice and promised to get back with me but never did.

I read the instructions and nothing said what was the right way to attach the hoops. Finally in reading about how to attach hoops I noticed the picture of the small hoop being unattached. The funny thing about it is that the small hoop attaches upside down compared to the larger one. The way the large hoop attaches it says top on it so that makes sense but the small hoop says top on the same side but it actually attaches on the bottom. If I waited around for people to return my calls I would have never finished these scarves.

Showing local school spirit with the PIONEERS! Our colors are blue and gold.

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