Sunday, October 11, 2009

We got a Wii

My husband decided to buy us a wii on Friday. We got the sports version. It's so much fun. We had some of the grandkids over and they just had a blast. At first they thought Nana and Papa are too old for one. Then when we played with them they realized that we were not too old. Kids are so funny.

Wii is the only game my husband and I even considered buying because its the only game that you are actively involved and not just sitting on your bottom. I bowled with 3 of my gradkids from 11-7. Wii makes you feel like you are right at the bowling alley. All the games are so fun and you can get physically exhausted from playing. Wii is a great family game and I would recommend it to anyone you has children or grandkids. Heck tonight, only adults are home and we are still playing.


  1. aww this is on my list for xmas! My kids love rockband because its soo interactive and so do we.Now that the Wii is cheaper im totally getting it ! I hear that the Wii fit is pretty good too

  2. Thank you for the comment Mrsofficer, I do hope to get the wii fit for Christmas too.


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