Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday's Top 5 Treasures!

Today's Top 5 treasures found are listed below. If you would like to have your shop featured here on my blog you will need to pick your favorite and list it in the comments along with your shop address. You may also include your blog address if you have one. The next 5 items and shops will be picked randomly from the "Raffle King." Next posting of Top 5 will be next Tuesday! All comments are welcomed but please note that unless your shop is opened you can not be considered as a contestant. Also all shops must have viable items for sale.

Winner # 1: Ruby slippers earrings by Two Tightly Wound
Shop: twotightlywound.etsy.com

Winner # 2: felted bag - blue with stripes by Baruchs Lullaby
Shop: baruchslullaby.etsy.com
blog: www.baruchslullaby.blogspot.com

Winner # 3: Dalmation Jasper and Black Necklace by Ursula Beaded Jewelry
Shop: UrsulasBeadedJewelry.etsy.com

Winner # 4 Pink Dress, Vest, & Slip for doll by Mimi Rob
Blog: mimirob.posterous.com

Winner # 5: Garnet Hammered Silver Eternity Necklace by Silver Smack
Shop: SilverSmack.etsy.com


  1. my favorite, "Amber and Green Protozoan Earrings"

    shop: http://starvingartistbazaar.etsy.com


  2. I like silver smack's necklace! thanks for featuring my felted bag!
    Shannon @ Baruch's Lullaby

  3. My favorite is the pink doll dress, vest and slip from mimirob!


  4. I like the garnet hammered silver eternity necklace from Silver Smack.

  5. I love all of these, but I have to say my fave is the doll dress. I used to love making clothes for my doll when I was a kid, but now I just have grandsons. I have granddaughter envy lol.

  6. They are all wonderful, but I think I like the felted bag the best.

  7. They are all nice, but my fav is the Garnet Hammered Circle Eternity necklace by Silversmack.



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