Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog Ring Featured Artisan is Deb of Daffydill Jewelry

This week’s featured artisan is 

Deb of Daffydill Jewelry from Kelowna, BC, Canada.

One of a kind designs, jewelry hand crafts

Deb has been a crafter for 40 years., and enjoys creating things from bits and pieces. She sometimes incorporate parts that are not viably usable any longer.

The business name came from her son's suggestion of daffodills, because of her love of flowers and came up with name Daffydills.
Beading is her first design love.  Deb is now venturing more into wire wrapping with copper and silver metals. That is now turning more and more into weaving with wire. It reminds her of the crafts she used in knitting and crocheting and the intricacy involved in some of the patterns. 
Deb's motto is "waste not want not, it is a very important thing to utilize everything she may find to use it in diverse and resourceful ways.
  Find Daffydill here:
Etsy    Artfire    Facebook   Twitter

Special spring sale going on at Daffydill.  Be sure and check it out!


  1. What wonderful picks about a talented lady!

  2. I love it....check out the items one my blog post about her, just beautimus.....

  3. Gladly follow your lovely blog via GCF and Facebook!
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  4. Love love love ok that's all nice feature :)

  5. How resourceful and eco-friendly. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love that wire wrapped crazy lace agate!


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