Friday, June 8, 2012

Designer Eric Renteria

Recently I have had the privilege of making a new friend via Facebook.  Eric Renteria is a vintage fashion designer, Etiquette Vintage Designs, who I meet while admiring one of his cute outfits. 

Through Facebook I was contacted to create a retro headband like the one from the movie Notebook, which starred  Ryan Gosling and  Rachel McAdams.  This  headband was to be in one of his upcoming fashion shoots.  I was truly honored to be contacted to make an item for a magazine fashion shoot.

Eric has a unique fashion style and fashion sense where he takes vintage clothing and updates them.  He does this while still keeping the classic theme of the 50’s college preppy look.  He redesigns men’s cardigan sweaters into letterman sweaters with college emblems and letters.  He can also embroider them with the college name or fraternity name of your choice.

Another favorite of his items is ladies dresses.  Eric can turn a plain dress into a cute fashion piece that every woman would be proud to own.   His eye of an appeal is mostly his letterman sweaters and ladies skirts.  The traditional poodle shirt has been shorten to the new mini flair for the modern woman who likes the  50’s look but wants to show off some leg.

Eric Renteria is a Texas native who looks just as fashionable as the clothing he designs.  He is always the best dressed man where ever he goes.  Showing real class never dies out and fashion is a must for the well dressed man.  Check out his latest creations at 

Restyled poodle skirt

College Letterman Sweaters

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