Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello God Are You There?

Sometimes in life things happen that make you wonder if God hears your prayers and even know that you exist.      You wonder if he knows your problems and your concerns and if he does why doesn't he do something about them.  

Sometimes we just want to escape all the trials and tribulations and just want to run away. But you know that isn't the solution.  In life there are always hardships and trials and lessons to learn. It's just that some lessons are harder than others.

What we need to do is depend more on God in these times and less on self when facing these trials.  When we get our focus off the problem and on to God the problem doesn't seem as big as it did in the beginning;  Time alone with God will help us with any problem.  We may not get instant answers or solutions but we get God's peace, grace and mercy in our trials.   When we don't hear God or feel his presence its when he is working the most behind the scenes and allowing us to learn our lessons and depend on him more.

God is always there, we just need to reach out to him more and stop worrying about things we can't even change.  Even though we can't see him or feel him, he is there, even in the hardships he is there. He is there just waiting on you.

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