Monday, September 28, 2009

Comanche Pow Wow

This last weekend was the Comanche Fair Pow Wow. All those who can come gather together in Lawton, OK for the big Pow Wow. People from all over the United States come. Although its a Comanche Pow Wow, other Native American tribes come as will as those who are not Native American. The fair includes free rides for the kids, runs, horse shoe tosses, dances to watch, food to eat and plenty of vendors for you to purchase Native American Treasures.

This was my second year to attend, my son-in-law is half Comanche. So we went to celebrate with him and his family.

Here I am with the matriarch of the family Grandma Nivea. She is my son-in-law's maternal grandmother.

The Eatmon tepee with my daughter in front. The real tepees are in the background on display. The real tepees are available to use for nominal fee.

Part of the family traditions are that the women always cook and serve the men folk and the men eat at the head of the table while the women and children eat at the back of the table. Women always wear aprons so my daughter and I wore the ones that I made just for this event. I learned how to make traditional Native American foods, like fry bread, Indian corn, Indian green chili. I also learned how to make Mexican Red Pozole, grandpa is Mexican so we have to make one of his dishes too.

My granddaughter LaRyn and her cousin Sara were so excited to meet the real Pocahontas from cartoon movie. Irene Bedard was the voice and she was the image the cartoon was created to look like.

There was the parade to watch Saturday morning with Native Americans in full regalia.

Amazing mural painting was done on the side of this bus and entered into the parade.

My two my little Comanches, Christian and LaRyn enjoying the rides.

I even got to buy some real turquoise to try my hand at making some necklaces.

And what's a Pow Wow without dancing? Not a real Pow Wow. So last but not least here is a video of Men doing fancy dancing.

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