Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Items

Just listed some more prayer shawls or lap blankets. These items have been prayed over by my prayer group. The colors coordinate with the word embroidered on the blanket. These are to keep you warm at work or home. They can be used on your lap or across your shoulders for warmth on cold days or when the air conditioner makes a person chilly.

"LOVE" prayer shawl

"LOVE" lap blanket

"HEALING" prayer shawl

"HEALING" lap blanket

Custom orders are always available listed below are colors and meaning for choices.

Colors and their meanings:
Red: love, war, passion, blood
Wine: mecy, blessing
Pink: hope, love, passion
Fushia (hot pink): joy, love, passion
Yellow: joy, friendship, happiness
Orange: praise, harvest, fire
Light blue: peace, heaven
Medium blue: life, healing, water, faith, loyality
Dark Blue: truth,worship
Turquoise: healing
Green: prosperity, growth, life
Purple: royality, strength, power, victory
Lavender: grace
White: purity, perfection, faith, hope
silver/gray: wisdom, redemption
gold: glory
ivory: beauty

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